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Children do engage in activity like hair pulling for many reasons. Parents of hair pullers children should remember to discipline their own child immediately when they pull any others’ hair or use some opportunity to remind their child of all the Golden Rules. Most of the children are outgrown such that hair pulling on their own but parents who are really concerned about such small bad behavior should consult their GP or educational or child mental health professional. To maintain a happy family parenting education is important. Parenting courses Hong Kong are quite popular.

Head banging or also their child’s repeated action of banging head usually against a wall might be hard for parents to watch or see, but children are often engaged in such behavior just to bring themselves with comfort or even bad relief. Most of the children who are really engaged in all head banging due to which starts at around at approximately six months of the age or outgrow out of the behavior by their birthdays. It might be hard for parents who should attempt to simply understand the behavior or to keep their child most safe for as long as they decide to continue.

Children often fall into such headbanging habit such as a method of simply soothing themselves or providing the pain relief or also expressing some type of frustration. Many children bang their heads in a type of rhythm that they find soothing or indeed some children might do it at bedtime just to help themselves fall asleep soon. Other children do not engage themselves in head banging routinely but sometimes do it just to return to this behavior when they are also experiencing pain such as from teething or from ear infections. Experts’ theory that may be because of the headbanging is also a distraction from such pains or again it can be the rhythmic motion which could be easily soothing. Finally, the children may also engage in head banging if they are frustrated or just unable to explain themselves and even verbalize these some emotions. These children do bang their heads as a simple way of just physically working through their own feelings.
Most children who engage in head banging do not do so with the little intention of hurting themselves but also parents must remain little vigilant about their initial child’s safety anyway. Parenting courses Hong Kong are popular among parents.

Parents of those children who are engaged in head banging while in their cribs and playpens should check that their motion has at least not loosened any of the pieces or that of those who are screws or other bits that could present a little hazard to the child. It can also be possible to drape bumpers and also soft linens on their sides of a crib or also playpen to reduce the impact or result of a noise of simply head banging on the equipment. Parents should make sure that children are very well away from stairs such that there are no super decorative items that could fall on their own child or that the wall is not so weak enough to be little injured nor so strong enough such as some solid concrete simply to avoid to injure the child. If such is the case that happens then parents should consider dating entrances to such areas in order to simply keep children from such injuring them.

It may be for a variety of reasons like including as a means of soothing them or also relieving pain and expressing small frustration though it might also be an indicator of such developmental disorder if at all accompanied by other signs. Parents who are little concerned about their own child’s such head banging habit should consult their GP for all further information.

Nail biting is one of the primarily nervous habits in all children. Much is like thumb sucking or also carrying around their favorite toy and also nail biting provides children with a sense of comfort level that allows them to really calm themselves more than such that they might be able to otherwise. Most children do outgrow their nail biting in time or particularly when the others notice about that their hands so called look raggy or ugly. Simply pressuring children not to stop biting their own nails is not the right solution.

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