Simply Kitchen's new Instant Read Thermometer

 As a most important aspect of cooking is related to heating up of ingredients, temperature plays a significant role. While cooking we al tend to be anxious about the doneness of our food, especially when it comes to roasting, frying, grilling, etc. Some food ingredients tend to lose their property, texture, color, smell and taste due to change in the temperature. Some dishes like a pot roast, requires an exact temperature to cook at to produce the desired result. Other dishes like lean steaks and roasts require less time cooking which enables us to serve the dish at the ideal temperature. Therefore, a Simply Kitchen Instant Read Thermometer is an essential tool in the kitchen. 

A Food thermometer 

A thermometer is a piece of equipment that measures any minor or major changes in temperature of any substance. Temperature, to the scientist, is the average molecular kinetic energy of a substance. If a thermometer is calibrated to an identified temperature, subsequently it can be used precisely to determine the total temperature of the substance. 

There are numerous varieties of Food thermometers, they differ based on styles and level of technology. Every thermometer has their specific usage and limitations. Cooking thermometers and digital thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking. They measure the interior temperature of the cooked food and help to assure that the optimal temperature has been reached, destroying all the harmful bacteria along with cooking the food perfectly. An Instant read thermometer or barbecue thermometer is one of the most useful tools you can have if you like to cook!

Characteristics of Food thermometer

A food thermometer is a tool that measures the internal temperature of food while it’s cooking. A food thermometer has a metal probe on the top along with a sharp point which is inserted into the food. There are two types of food thermometers – dial thermometer and digital thermometers. A dial thermometer has a different in built mark of the temperatures whereas a digital thermometer only displays the temperature in the display box. A Dial thermometer is the traditional type whereas the digital thermometer is the modern and popular version used in the household today. Food thermometers are usually designed to have the probe in the food while cooking. The temperatures at which different pathogenic bacteria are eliminated vary depending on the type of dish you’re cooking.

If the thermometer is not properly inserted in the proper location in the food, it may not give the correct reading or evaluation. However, it is very important to insert the thermometer in the right place and in the correct way for a given amount of time to get a desired result. In general, the food thermometer should be placed in the thickest part of the food. It is important to make sure that it is placed away from the fat and bone in the meat.


Uses of Food thermometers

A kitchen thermometer with a range of temperatures can be used for various food types. The probe can be emerged into the dish before cooking, and let the cooking continue until the preferred interior temperature is achieved. Alternatively the food can be cooked for a definite time and taken away from the stove. 

  • Poultry

If you are cooking poultry, insert the thermometer into the thigh. Make sure that you do not touch any bone of the meat. The suggested temperature is 74 �C (165 �F).

  • Beef

For beef and lamb preparation insert the thermometer away from bone. The suggested temperature is 63 �C (145 �F).

  • Pork

Pork cooking temperature is same as lamb- 71 �C (160 �F).

  • Bread

While baking the dough insert the thermometer in the oven to attain a specific temperature.

Ice water or Boiling Water

Place the cooking thermometer in the utensils full of water and wait for good 30 seconds. The suggested temperature 32 �F for ice and 212 �F for boiling water. For accurate distilled water atmospheric pressure should be 29.921 inches of mercury.


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